Saturday, November 24, 2007

New Computer for Tibetan Youth

Greetings Good People.
Well here at we have been working very hard on a variety of projects.... What I wanted to share with you at this time is that the High School Youth Hostel finally received their computer.

We are so pleased to have begun to seed this project here and would like to continue to raise funds for a computer for the BOYS hostel.

This is very important to these children as they are away from their families to attend school in this settlement. Having been there myself and spoken with the children, I can assure you the connections to their families is very strong. The computer will help them practice in their off-time, as well as stay connected with their families via email.

Of course, again the ultimate goal of seeding this project is to eventually open an innovative Distance Learning web portal with the students there.

Hope you enjoy these pictures. Special thanks to Wb for donating specifically to fund this computer. Please Read On...

Dear Madam Melanie,

Many Tashi Delecks !!! and kindly pardon me for the abrupt silence and delay.... I could not
report to you about the installation of computer. We have already installed the new computer set in the hostel. The computer monitor is a slim and stylish one and the printer is laser one with zerox and fax facilities.

Children are using it. The one computer did bring smile and cheer on the face of hostel children. Of course, we need a separate computer for boys and girls as they are not suppose to use it together. We purchased the facility from Gupta in Hubli as per your negotiation. However , we did compare the rates with other shops before purchasing the same.

Thank you very much for your kind assistance. I am sending the snaps of computer set
along with this letter. It will be kind of you if you could explore some more help in this field in order to improve the facilities in the hostel.

Yours Truly
(Norbu Tsering)

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