Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Gaden Shartse Monastery Tour 2008 Sand Mandala In Hayward, Ca

Gaden Sharste Monastery is located in southern India and is a Tibetan Buddhist Monastery of the Gelugpa order. The monastery was founded in 1426 by the Buddhist Mystic Je Tsong Kapa. The monastery cultural tour is presently in the United States to share their practices and teachings on inner peace and compassion. This sand mandala is a ancient sacred art. Please visit the monastery website at www.gadenshartsetour.org


Anonymous said...

Hi Tibetech,
I'm trying to send people to the Monks site for tour info but keep getting a page gone message when I go to their web address.
thought you would want to know,
dr. joan,

Kenneth Fisler said...

See http://gadenshartsetour.org/Schedule.htm for a very thorough listing of where the Gaden Shartse monks will be. Note also that in many places their schedule is not yet filled up. They would welcome engagements and events which you and/or others would arrange. For example, last night I was at a Lama Chopa Tsoh where the monks participated. They will also perform blessings at homes and businesses by arrangement. Personal blessings (e.g., for the karmic healing) can be arranged as well. I've been told that at some of their tour stops the monks would also welcome accomodations, though this and really everything I've stated here is really the province of the monks themselves and their tour coordinator (their one American monk).

The above-noted tour schedule page has a phone number which will be good at least until Sunday, 10/12/08. After that, try the contact info at http://gadenshartsetour.org/join_our_elist.htm.

Hope this helps.

Jenny said...

Jampa nodigt iedereen uit om te reageren op de berichten.Je krijgt altijd een reactie terug. Meer persoonlijke vragen of opmerkingen kun je stellen via het mailformulier.Ik zal proberen antwoord te geven of je door te verwijzen naar elders.